Amy was very personable and I felt as though I've known her for years. She listened to our concerns about our dog without judgement. She offered great tips to help. She also explained the reason for doing things logically. Her assessment of our dog was spot on and we would not hesitate to contact her in the future if we needed.

Megan Walsh

Amy was extremely professional and very helpful in addressing our needs with our dogs. We were having difficulty potty training our dogs and she came to our rescue, helping us get on a schedule and eliminating them from going in problem areas. She worked with us to meet our individual needs and was able to create a plan that would work effectively. She considered not only our dogs and their personalities, but what was practical for our living situation. I definitely recommend using Amy to help with your own doggy needs!

Naomi Saikin

When we got our new English Bulldog puppy we wanted to find a trainer who used positive methods, and Amy was exactly what we we're looking for! She is knowledgable, kind and beyond patient. We have taken almost all of Amy's classes, and have been able to witness our dog learning new essential commands in a fun and warm environment. I tell everyone I know looking for a trainer to call her. If you are looking for a dog trainer who will work with you and your furry friend in a positive way, call her right away!

Galia Chester

Oliver and Brodie met Amy when they were crazy, 8 week old baby puppies trying to learn their new world. We are first time dog owners and really wanted to learn how to do things right with both of our puppies. Amy came to our house and helped us really “prepare” the house for them. She gave us tips to help them get acclimated to their new space and how to potty-train them. Within the first week, they stopped having accidents in the house and also stopped having accidents in their crates. We got them comfortable going room by room, per Amy’s recommendation and it worked like a charm. We continued a few private lessons with Amy meeting up with her to start teaching our boys the basics, such as sit, stay, recall, etc. Once they hit 5 months we began a 6 week puppy class with Amy and I can honestly say, we now have very well behaved puppies! They are excellent on the leash, they will sit/stay in any environment, and they fully understand the “leave it” cue which has come in handy numerous times and so much more. My goal of the beginning of their 6 week class was to be able to stand at my back door while the pups are outside playing and call them to come in the house. Throughout training, I would laugh at the thought of it, because we seemed so far away. Well, we are finally there!! I no longer have to go outside to grab them to come in the house, I can call their names and they come running inside from the very back of the house, and that is all due to Amy’s positive reinforcement style of training. My boyfriend and I could not be happier with how much and how fast both of our boys progressed and we are so thankful to have had Amy as our trainer. We are definitely going to continue with additional training once they get a little older. Did I mention how much Oliver and Brodie LOVE Amy? They can’t get inside the building for training fast enough! Thank you Amy, from the bottom of our hearts!

XO Jessica, Andrew, Oliver and Brodie

We were so excited to welcome our new puppy home last year about this time. She was little, cuddly and had a cute bark. She potty trained easy, but as that cute bark grew into a big bark, the nipping began.

My daughter’s great pet, Lexie, started to frighten her a bit. My friend recommended calling Amy Weeks. We scheduled a private lesson that ended up training us more than the dog. We learned how to interact better and respond less to the dogs outbursts. My daughter learned how to properly approach the dog, and also how to get Lexie to jump through a hoop.

Lexie did well for months, but hit a new phase of pulling on her leash and refusing to come- she hit her teenage stage. This time, we went to a public class with Amy, and later that month, sent Lexie to stay with Amy a few days.

During the time Amy watched Lexie, she got to know our dog and how best to approach training. We received a written report, a schedule and loads of tips. It took a bit of work to deal with Lexie’s stubborn behavior, but we now have a super, well-behaved dog. The real trick was learning the skills we needed to have in order to best handle our dog based on our dogs behavior- not something we “googled.”

We recommend Amy to every dog owner we know. Lexie is a shining example of how training pays off, and the bonus-Lexie loves Amy, too!

Proud Corgi Mom

When I took my dog to Amy, she had such bad anxiety and stressful behavior issues that she was not allowed at her doggy day care. Even halfway through the course my dog had shown a real improvement both in her behavior and her attitude. Now she is a confident happy puppy and has been allowed back to her doggy day care! Positive training, especially in a stressed out dog like mine, was the best way to teach her in a way that was fun for us. Outside of training, Amy has always been extremely fast in answering my many “first time puppy mommy” questions, even now that we have graduated from the class. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to see their dogs happier and better behaved!

Tara Simmons

Several months ago we adopted a Jack Russell from the local SPCA. When we got her home we found that she doesn’t like other dogs. She would go berserk and try to fight them. A suggestion from the SPCA brought Amy into our lives.

The first visit we did the drill with trying to get her to ignore other dogs. Amy also told me a few things I could do to help with the problem. Thanks to Amy’s advise and know how I have been able to get Dani to accept other dogs and even to walk with them.

I took several months, but we are now no only walking with other dogs’ but no more berserk episodes. Thanks to Amy and her super training we are good to go now. She not only helped but did follow ups by phone and e-mail to check on us.

Evelyn Barks

My Adrian was a bit of a terror when I first rescued her. From being an avid shoe-chewer, to using my dining room as her personal bathroom, and yanking me in every which way when on walks. Amy helped me handle her ‘typical puppy behavior’ in a postive way which was VERY important to me. After having Adrian for a few months, we soon realized that she was very reactive with other dogs. Amy helped us overcome this obstacle and Adrian is now able to play with other dogs and actually enjoys it! I would recommend Amy’s training classes to anyone!

Brianna Suojanen

Scooter had several behavioral issues including aggression towards other dogs. Amy’s work with Scooter helped get things under control.

Christine Crawford

Amy has helped us with many pet issues over the years. I would recommend her to anyone who needs help with their dog

Jacque Leist, Presley and Hershey

Amy helped with training Mugzy from the very beginning. She helped us survive his crazy puppy years. She was wonderful to work with.

Debbie Webster

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