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Bringing a new baby into the household is exciting but can be stressful, especially if you are concerned with your dog’s ability to handle change. Let us help calm your nerves. As a member of Family Paws Parent Education, we have the tools to help bring you piece of mind.

We can:
  • Discuss your dog’s temperament and set up safety etiquette
  • Prepare your dog for changes in the house (baby crying, new smells and sounds, toys and bassinets)
  • Create a cozy and safe space your dog enjoys while you tend to the baby
  • Show you how to nurture the bond between your pup and new baby
Already have a baby or toddler running around? Worried about the interactions between the kids and Fido? Let us help you get things under control!

We can:
  • Instruct your children on proper ways to say hello to your pup
  • Develop a series of safe, child appropriate games to play with your dog
  • Set up protocol and proper management to keep everyone safe
  • Incorporate your child into your dog’s training activities
  • Receive additional handouts and educational materials
Price for initial 90 minute consultation
(Additional fee for travel over 20 miles)

today for additional information.
Do you belong to a parent or school group that would benefit from kids and canine safety tips? We would be happy to educate your group on how to help keep children bite free!

We offer the following programs:

Dogs & Storks (preparation for expecting parents)

Dogs & Toddlers (help for those with children ages 0-3 years of age)

Bite Prevention Presentation (for kids 4 and older)

for additional information on presentations.

Amy Weeks - Dogs and Storks
Amy Weeks - Canines and Kids Corner
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