Toys R “Ruff”

One of the biggest complaints I hear when it comes to dog toys that they just don’t last and that they are a waste of money. I would like to address these complaints with the following 5 Reasons you should feel good about spending $$ on toys for your dog.

  1. Playing with toys stimulates your dog’s mind and keeps him from getting bored.
  2. Toys keep dogs busy, and guess what? Your busy dog doesn’t have as much time to get into trouble.
  3. Toys help fulfill instinctive drives including: shredding/ripping, hunting/finding food, chasing/herding
  4. Toys help expend energy.  Fetching/retrieving activities expend pent up energy and allow you to further bond with your pet.
  5. Toys help with emotional balance: dogs that get adequate physical and mental stimulation are healthier and more emotionally balanced.

Please don’t deprive your dog of toys because you think it is a waste of money.  Toys satisfy many basic needs for your dog. How many children have the same toys left undamaged for any extensive period of time? Not many.  Dog toys, just like human toys, are made to be used.  So, with that in mind, determine how much you can spend on toys each month and consider it an investment in your dog’s emotional well-being.

These are a few tips on making the toys you choose last a little longer:

  1. Change out toys every week. Novelty seems to be something that many dogs love when it comes to toys.
  2. Keep at least one interactive toy out of reach for special occasions….you can pull that down for rewards during training!
  3. Some toys are tougher than others….Kongs, Marrow Bones…many food dispensing toys should be around awhile.
  4. Toys made from material will have a shorter life expectancy, especially if you have a “shredder” on your hands.  Just sit back and enjoy watching your dog rip it to pieces (make sure he doesn’t ingest any of it).
  5. Appropriate chews will help fill the gap…..back straps, pig ears, deer antlers, and bully sticks….are all great choices for filling your dog’s need to chew.

Some dogs need a little help when it comes to play, so try a variety of toys. Keep trying different toys….you should eventually find something that your dog likes!  The small investment in toys is worth a happy, mentally healthy dog!